February 6, 2017

Allied Recognized for Impeccable Safety Record

Maryland’s leader in workers’ compensation insurance, IWIF, recently honored Allied Well Drilling for its “superior workers’ compensation success.”   IWIF recognized Allied’s impeccable safety record is rare in the drilling industry.

Allied attributes this strong record to the great effort it has put forth to ensure its workers are placed in a safe work environment and constantly schooled in safety procedures.  It has a strict safety plan that all workers must follow and it is constantly improved upon from the input of its highly skilled and experienced personnel.   Allied holds “tool box talks”  before all of its jobs which touch on all the risks, hazards, and safety procedures that will be involved in that job.   This process ensures that all personnel know how to act safely on site.

Additionally, Allied employees attend OSHA training seminars and meetings to make sure all protocols are up to date.

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