Acker Soil Scout *Limited Access* Tracked ATV


  • Minimum Width 33-1/2” [85 cm] with Use of Retractable Tracks
  • Capable of Fitting Through a Std. 36” [91 cm] Doorway
  • Drill Clearance Under 8 ft. [2.44 m]
  • Coring 860 ft. [270 m] ‘N’ Wireline
  • 4 Speed FWD & REV to 750 RPMs
  • Spindle Torque 3,000 ft. lbs. [4,070 N-m]
  • Mast Extensions Up to 11 ft. [3.35 m] Stroke
  • Automatic Chuck
  • 11,000 lbs. [4,990 kg] Pull/Thrust
  • Diesel, Electric & Propane Engine Options


Power Unit – Three (3) cylinder, air-cooled, 58 HP @ 2,300 RPM Deutz diesel engine with 12 -volt electric start engine. Optional Electric TEFC 3-phase 460VAC induction motor @ 1,800 RPM. Other power options available.

Feed Mechanism – The main feed consists of a chain drive mechanism with options of a 3 ft., 7 ft. or 11 ft. feed, through a planetary hydraulic drive unit. Thrust and pull @ 10,900 lbs.
Drill Drive – Taken from prime mover through a variable volume over center piston pump and tandem fixed volume pump.

Drill Head – 3-5/8” open spindle
1st gear (0-120 RPM @ 3,028 ft/lbs. torque) – 2nd gear (0-252 RPM @ 1,452 ft.lbs. torque)
3rd gear (0-456 RPM @ 788 ft/lbs. torque) – 4th gear (0-750 RPM @ 458 ft/lbs torque)
Drillhead has a lateral slide feature.

Mast – Welded rectangular structural steel tube construction that supports and guides the rotation of feed components. Positioned with one (1) hydraulic cylinder and rigidly held in the vertical position for drilling and is lowered to the travel position for moving from hole to hole. Mast mounting allows for angle as well as 90 degree vertical drilling. Mast is capable of drilling under 8 ft. ceilings with low clearance sheaves.

Main Drum Hoist – 4,500 lbs. Planetary type with 75 ft. of 5/16” cable (hydraulically powered).

Track Mounting – The entire drill is mounted on a structural steel frame and is self-propelled by 9” rubber crawler tracks with independent reversible hydraulic motor drive, Tracks are 33-1/2” wide retracted and 39-1/2” wide extended. Includes provision for (4) lifting points for crane lift.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Hydraulic Leveling Jacks – (4) “Swing Away”


Cathead Hoist – Hydraulically powered cargo type hoist.

Quick Disconnect Adapter – U-Joint type for augers, 1-5/8” hex.

Auger Guide – Specify size required.

Water Pump – Hydraulically driven with infinitely variable speed controls from the operator’s station. Moyno type 3L4, 3L6 or equal.

Front Winch – Hydraulically driven, front-mounted with 12,000 lbs. capacity. Capable of operating in conjuntion with tracks from remote control.

Ackermatic Hydraulic Chuck – 4” chuck handles rod and casing up to 3-1/2” O.D.

Probe Hammer

Full Function Remote Radio Control for Tramming/Winch Operations with Emergency Shutdown