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In 2002, Allied’s management saw the future of well drilling to be embedded in the geothermal drilling market, and decided to shift its focus towards this up and coming green energy source. Since then, we have become certified “geo-junkies”, constantly investing our resources to educating and training our staff of over 85 geothermal professionals.

Specializing in the construction and design of geothermal ground source heat exchangers (GHEX), Allied offers installations performed by IGSHPA accredited installers and master well drillers fluent in the complex geologic formations found throughout our service area. As one of the top geothermal drillers in the nation, Allied covers a residential service area spanning from central Virginia up through the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD metropolitan areas, with a second office location in southeast Pennsylvania covering the eastern portion of that state as well as Delaware. Our commercial geothermal division’s expanse reaches an even greater area.

Here at Allied we promote customer satisfaction by providing a superior and professional installation. From the smallest retrofits to the largest custom homes, we bring expertise catered to each project’s individual needs. Whether it is the initial site layout or the final site cleanup, Allied goes above and beyond. We employ full time permit expediters so that projects experience no delays. Sales personnel are always available to assess each project’s unique needs, and to coordinate with the customer personally to address any concerns. Prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous install crews get the job done right the first time, from our outside drill and trenching crews to our inside plumbing teams. We strive to bring a culture of job flexibility and professionalism, traits seldom seen in the well drilling industry, to each and every project.