Mixed-Use Commercial Space in Alexandria Goes Geothermal

Mixed-Use Commercial Space in Alexandria Goes Geothermal

Yates Corner, a mixed-use development for commercial use has decided that geothermal is way forward for their project.   The development consists of a free-standing 3,000 square-foot 7-Eleven building on the east end of the site; an 18,000 sq

uare-foot two-story retail/office/auto service building on the west part of the site; and a two-level parking structure (one level below grade) behind the buildings with a small surface parking lot between the two buildings.

The first floor of two-story building will accommodate retail and restaurant uses, while the second floor will be office space.  The plans also include a green drycleaners in a portion of the first floor.

Jason Yates, owner of Yates Automotive, said he has spent more than decade working on the plan and geothermal was key to future energy concerns.

Yates Automotive is a second generation, family-owned business which was founded by John Yates in 1964. It has continually served customers in the city of Alexandria for more than 47 years.

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