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Updates on Current Allied Projects

Some quick updates on notable, current Allied Well Drilling projects:
1.)  CSX- Transportation Facility – Baltimore, MD –  CSX is excited about partnering with Allied to install a geothermal field in their Baltimore location.
2.)  St Charles High School in Charles County, MD  – Allied is beginning the vault installation stage for the geothermal well field that will service the school’s heating and cooling needs.
3.) NASA Integrated Engineering Sciences Bldg – Langley, VA – Our drill teams have wrapped up  the 140 x 400′ geothermal field.
4.) Hyattsville Elementary School – Hyattsville, MD –  Drill crews finishing up the drill portion for the school.

Largest Geothermal Project in U.S. is Half Complete

The United State’s largest geothermal project at Ball State University in Indiana has reached the half way point.   Ball State University is leading the way in the implementation of geothermal by installing a system that will help heat and cool 47 buildings on its campus.

The project entails the installation of  thousands of 400 to 500 ft boreholes and over 1,000 miles of geothermal loop to heat and cool over 20,000 gallons of water per minute to serve roughly 6 million square feet of space.

With a 650%  increase in efficiency over the previous system (coal-fired boilers), Ball State University estimates to save approximately $2 Million per year in savings over a 30 year period.

Many of the country’s universities are paying close attention to the project as a test case to see if geothermal makes sense for their campuses.

Mixed-Use Commercial Space in Alexandria Goes Geothermal

Yates Corner, a mixed-use development for commercial use has decided that geothermal is way forward for their project.   The development consists of a free-standing 3,000 square-foot 7-Eleven building on the east end of the site; an 18,000 sq

uare-foot two-story retail/office/auto service building on the west part of the site; and a two-level parking structure (one level below grade) behind the buildings with a small surface parking lot between the two buildings.

The first floor of two-story building will accommodate retail and restaurant uses, while the second floor will be office space.  The plans also include a green drycleaners in a portion of the first floor.

Jason Yates, owner of Yates Automotive, said he has spent more than decade working on the plan and geothermal was key to future energy concerns.

Yates Automotive is a second generation, family-owned business which was founded by John Yates in 1964. It has continually served customers in the city of Alexandria for more than 47 years.